Business Opportunities

Feeling inspired by the ForeverLawn vision of maximizing play safety with our Playground Grass system?  Consider joining the ForeverLawn dealer team to develop your own business around Playground Grass and our complete family of artificial grass products.

Find Your Freedom with ForeverLawn

As consultants, Brian and Dale Karmie made a good living, but they felt trapped by the invisible walls of corporate America. They founded ForeverLawn with one purpose in mind—Freedom. They wanted to create their own rules, their own structure, their own schedule.

Their desire to work with other like-minded entrepreneurs has led to developing a dealer model that allows others the opportunity to start a business founded on a successful system, while providing flexibility for individual ingenuity.

Today, the ForeverLawn dealership isn’t intended for people who just want to add artificial turf to an existing business, it is designed for entrepreneurs to create an entire business around the ForeverLawn family of products. We have seen successful ForeverLawn business owners come from many different walks of lifefrom the computer industry like we were, from teachers and coaches, from sales professionals, and of course from landscaping and construction. The common thread is the entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, and the willingness to take action and calculated risks.