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When you’re planning a new playground design, start with the surface and build ideas from there. Because everyone interacts with the play surface, it’s the most important element to consider on a playground. You can pack yours full of the best equipment, but if kids can’t comfortably sit, roll, tumble, traverse, and even fall (safely) on the surface, it will limit their ability to play freely.

We’ve designed our synthetic grass and various design elements to all work together to create playgrounds that kids don’t forget—and want to return to again and again. Our colorful Funserts (synthetic grass designs like hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, alphabet paths and more) can be inserted into the playground surface to create interactive educational play elements.

It’s not just surface-level fun…

Yes, Funserts look really cool. But there’s a lot more beyond the surface! These synthetic grass designs are:

Kids playing on PlaygroundGrass


With designs right on the play surface, kids can interact with Funserts just as they do with play equipment. Get their feet and their minds moving with built-in games and guided pathways.

PlaygroundGrass with the number in a star


Bright, vibrant colors and fun designs encourage kids’ creativity and innovation. With Funserts, it’s no longer just a playground, it’s an adventure waiting to happen!

PlaygroundGrass with the number in a star


Funserts elevate any playground design and allow you to keep up with the latest design trends. Instead of just another “standard” playground, make yours stand out!

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