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There’s no better recommendation than joyful kids and grateful parents proclaiming, “we love Playground Grass!” See and hear first-hand from fellow planners and parents how Playground Grass offers kids of all abilities the freedom to crawl, play, and access equipment with less worry.

Playground Grass™ by ForeverLawn® Play On!

Freedom, creativity, expression and fun. Playground Grass™ helps kids stretch their imagination. Take play to a whole new level. Turn any space in to a fun engaging play place.

Kids want to find their own way. Spark their imagination with innovative PlayMounds!

What are PlayMounds™? They are a line of prefabricated foam mounds that add contour and creativity to the playground landscape.

Invite kids into innovative new worlds of play with Funscapes!

Funscapes™ are complete playground solutions that combine PlayMounds™, Funserts™, and different types of turf to create fun, creative, and engaging play areas.

Jason Cameron Reviews Playground Grass Ultra – Relaunched!

Playground Grass™ by ForeverLawn® with Natalie Gulbis at the Boys & Girls Club in Las Vegas

The Copp Family – A Dream Backyard, Waco, Texas

Debbie & David Price – The Murfreesboro Miracle Field, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Mara Kaplan, Playground Designer – Preston’s H.O.P.E. Playground, Cleveland, Ohio

Nichole & Charnaya – Preston’s Hope Playground, Cleveland, Ohio

Saskia, Flynn & Beckett King – A Park Above, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Tracy, Madison & Aiden – A Park Above, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Jason Cameron Explains the Benefits of Playground Grass

Looking for a safe surface for playgrounds that provides a lush natural grass appearance? Jason Cameron, licensed contractor and TV host, explains why Playground Grass is the best you can get.

The Proof is in the Watermelon

Watch as Jason Cameron, licensed contractor and TV host, shows how Playground Grass by ForeverLawn provides extreme safety in this fun watermelon drop demonstration.

Playground Grass Installation Time Lapse

Playground Grass is the pinnacle of playground surfacing. See how we install our product from start to finish.

The Story Behind Playground Grass

Hear from ForeverLawn owners as well as architects who’ve used Playground Grass on why it was developed, its unique benefits and the creative playground elements that can be implemented.

Jason Cameron’s Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Backyard

ForeverLawn partners with TV host Jason Cameron to show five ways you can make your backyard better, including a cleaner, safer playground surface.