“Peace Lutheran Preschool installed artificial turf on their playground in 2006. We have been very pleased with the performance and durability of the product that we installed. The product is very low maintenance and has withstood the constant traffic of 90 students daily and the Sunday school weekend traffic. This product is state approved for impact zones and provides a clean and sanitary surface for our students to enjoy. I would recommend this product to any preschool.”

Annette E. Johnson
Director of PLP

“I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on the Jamerson Family YMCA playground. With the location right at our front door, I was concerned that the playground would detract from the beauty of our building, especially the turf. You did a wonderful job. We have received numerous compliments and everyone wants to know where we got our ‘grass.’ In fact one member likes the turf so much, he wants to install it in his yard.

Thank you for your fine customer service, your professionalism and your attention to detail. I highly recommend you and your product to everyone who wants turf that looks like the real thing, but provides the safety and performance of your product.”

Susan Landergan
CEO, YMCA of Central Virginia

“I write on behalf of The Downtown School to thank you for the way you and your company transformed our new school playground. The grass is absolutely beautiful! It looks so real and has brought a true “park” feel to our space. When I look at our end-result, I cannot imagine that we ever considered a rubber-tiled surface in our initial plans. Your turf is in a different league than other playground surfaces and we feel fortunate to have it at our school.

Beyond the looks, however, the product has been wonderful for cushioning falls, preventing scrapes and making a comfy spot for kids to sit down and relax during their outdoor time.The feedback from students, teachers and staff has been nothing but positive.

I also want to extend my thanks for the quality workmanship in installing the turf. I know we had more than a few equipment posts to workaround. Evenso, the seams are imperceptible. Finally, I appreciate your professionalism and your follow up after installation to be certain everything was to our liking. I wish you could have been present at the grand opening to share the excitement and joy of the students. Thank you again–it was a pleasure to work with you and your team.”

Mari Valaoras
Playground Chairperson
The Downtown School PTA
Winston-Salem, NC

“Once again, we are pleased beyond our expectations! It’s so rare …. after spending such a large sum, there’s usually some ‘buyer’s remorse’ … but that doesn’t happen with ForeverLawn.

Everyone involved with your company is polite, courteous, and dedicated to providing quality service and actually proud of the product. I so enjoy doing business with you.

I look forward to the next time we can do business together.”

Cathy Page
Premier Academy

“The surfacing was installed over a large open play area as well as under our swings and new ADA accessible playground. First, it is safe. The installation was done extremely well, ensuring a safe fall zone, proper drainage, and easy access for all participants. Secondly, it is absolutely beautiful.

Another bonus to this surfacing is that the children now utilize the new playground, literally, from the ground up. They sit on the grass under open areas of the playground and hang out, playing games, eating snacks and visiting.

Quite frankly, it’s the best investment we’ve made. The payoffs are long-lasting from every viewpoint.”

Allison Betts
Manatee County Government

“We have had great reviews from the community since we began installing Playground Grass by ForeverLawn. Parents are exceptionally impressed with it; especially where we have replaced sand fall zones with it. They are commenting on how clean their children stay! Additionally, everyone thinks the appearance is great and they are impressed with the resiliency of the surface.”

Jack Mathison
City of Hollywood, Florida

“Not only does the Playground Grass look fantastic in our playground area, but we are getting compliments every time we walk out the door by the play area. The kids absolutely love the feel and look, and the parents are ecstatic.

Forget the fact that we gained extra safety protection from the product. The reaction from the aesthetic standpoint has just been incredible. Don’t get me wrong, the extra safety impact is great for us and certainly doesn’t hurt in explaining how great the product is to parents.”

Joseph, R. Abel, CPRP
The City of Coral Gables

“ForeverLawn Playground Grass is just what we needed. Our small facility is limited in space, therefore we believe it is important to capitalize on the areas that we do have. The grass looks beautiful, green and clean even below our oak trees that make it difficult to grow real grass. The kids love sitting and playing on it and the teachers find it to be a much better alternative to the hot, black tire chips which proceeded it.

From start to finish it was an absolute pleasure doing business with you.”

Jill Band
Temple Judea

“You have made our children, their parents, our teaching staff, and myself extremely pleased with the new look of our playground. Our parents could not believe how much of a change both aesthetically and safety wise the installation has made to the area.

I also want to thank you for completing the installation in a timely manner and the professionalism that you and your staff demonstrated during the days that you spent at our facility.”

Gerald Taub
Temple Solel

“Inclusive playgrounds really start with the issue of surfacing. I’m here today at Preston’s Hope Playground where they have new Playground Grass surfacing. I have a son who uses a wheelchair. I’ve been to playgrounds all over the country with him, and I can tell you that you can put in the most fantastic pieces of equipment—but if you put loose-fill surfacing in, I can’t get him there. I love playgrounds with Playground Grass because I can easily get Samuel right to the equipment that’s designed for him.”

Mara Kaplan
Owner and Playground Designer
Let Kids Play
Pittsburgh, PA

“The first time I took Charnaya to Preston’s Hope, it was almost like she lit up because I was able to put her in her gait trainer and she just took off and was so excited about it. I had no problems with her possibly falling and hurting herself because it’s all soft. Even the basketball court is a soft turf. My experiences at other parks were pretty difficult. It’s hard to push the wheelchair and she can’t really get around. I would have to carry her. This Playground Grass is a lot better. My daughter likes to pull up the grass and leaves and eat them, but I’m pretty sure she can’t do that here.”

Nichole Sally
Cleveland, OH

“Now that we can come to a playground like this, where there’s Playground Grass to help with bringing down static, it’s spectacular. Especially for two kids who have cochlear implants on all the time. Another benefit of the Playground Grass that’s here is the padding underneath it. We don’t have to worry about damaged parts, we don’t have to worry about an ESD shorting the whole processor and having to replace a piece of equipment. They can have fun, they can communicate with each other, and they can communicate with all the other kids that are out here.”

Saskia King
Rio Rancho, NM

“Playground Grass was chosen for the park for several reasons. Other parks have gravel and wood chips that you have to walk through. This Playground Grass is amazing in that we’re able to get the wheelchairs to navigate safely to the equipment. It is soft in case for some reason somebody falls down, and if anybody has skin allergies, they don’t have any reactions to it.

When I first stepped into the park after it was completed, I actually cried. This was something that I never expected my kids to be able to do. We’ve tried other parks and we’ve either had to turn around and go home or as soon as I put them on the ground they would put something in their mouth and we end up going home. This park is absolutely amazing. Everyone can play together. There are several wheelchair swings here that now we’re able to just go directly up to the swing and not have to worry about anything getting in our way.

ForeverLawn has been amazing to work with. Everything that we’ve needed they have been right there helping us along the way. As a parent and a board member I would definitely recommend ForeverLawn to work with other parks, especially those for special needs children. It is the perfect surface for children to crawl on, play on, and have accessibility to all the equipment.”

Tracy Valdespino
Mom and Board Member
Rio Rancho, NM

“We can’t tell you how much our life has changed with the addition of the backyard (the boys’ very first one to access) and the turf makes it safe for them to transition for more fun!”

Melissa Copp
Waco, Texas

Photo Credit: HGTV via Fox News