Who We Are: Playground Grass by ForeverLawn

We are committed to safety, innovation, and play without limits.

ForeverLawn® innovates according to our slogan “Grass Without Limits.” When it comes to providing a superior play surface, our Playground Grass™ delivers on a new twist … Play Without Limits.

Playground Grass—the artificial grass kids were meant to play on.

The original inventors of safety-rated synthetic grass systems for play areas.
The safest, most advanced playground surface on the market (proven by testing).
Advanced features ensuring kids of all abilities can play freely and safely for years.

The Most Advanced Surface for Play Without Limits

With its launch in 2004, Playground Grass became the first synthetic grass safety surface available. The specifications we originally developed are now used as standards throughout the industry. Our ongoing research and analysis continues to drive improvements to our products as well as throughout the industry.

Playground Grass Innovations

  • Unique blade design.

    Ensures longevity.

  • Superior micromechanical seaming process.

    Stronger, more attractive seams.

  • Nailer boards for installation.

    Secure the perimeter of the surface.

  • IPEMA-certified installation training.

    Proper installation enforced on every project.

Artificial Grass by ForeverLawn

With 15+ years in business, and over 17,000,000 square feet installed, ForeverLawn is the most trusted artificial grass on the market. ForeverLawn strives to give our customers the same realistic experience as natural grass, without the maintenance or conditions that may limit its use.

We have pioneered artificial grass designed specifically for unique applications, including K9Grass, GolfGreens, SportsGrass, SplashGrass and ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass.

We have perfected our systems and processes to ensure the utmost in safety, longevity, and aesthetic quality in every surface we install. Why trust your playground surfacing to anyone else?

The Playground Grass Play Advantage

Learn why Playground Grass offers the ideal play surface for safety, maintenance, and, of course, fun.

Playground Grass Client Testimonials

Let other play area planners and proprietors share why they chose, and continue to love, their artificial grass installs.