Invite kids into innovative new worlds of play with Funscapes

Playground Grass™ synthetic turf is more than just a surfacing material, it’s a comprehensive solution for playgrounds. Funscapes™ are exactly that—complete playground solutions that combine PlayMounds™, Funserts™, and different types of turf to create fun, creative, and engaging play areas.

We’re uncovering new possibilities for playgrounds.

What are Funserts?

Our colorful Funserts, with designs like hopscotch, foursquare, tic-tac-toe, and more, can be inserted into the play surface to create interactive play elements.

Playground at Holy Cross in Hutchinson, Kansas, featuring Playground Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn

What are PlayMounds?

PlayMounds are a revolutionary new addition to the playground scene and provide kids the opportunity to explore a landscape and use their imaginations.

Carrollwood Village Park featuring a PlayMound™ covered in Playground Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn

Playground Grass Ultra Colors

Did you know that vibrant, colorful playground surfaces are proven to attract a child’s attention and enhance their play experience? The seven Playground Grass Ultra colors available are specifically tailored to kid’s favorite colors.

Blue Playground Grass
Yellow Playground Grass
Orange Playground Grass
Green Playground Grass





Lagoon Blue Playground Grass
Red Playground Grass
Gold Playground Grass

Lagoon Blue



Funscapes transport kids to new worlds of fun!

Explore with imaginative Play Spaces.

Play Space: Galaxy

play space galaxy

Ignite a passion for astronomy and exploration with this cosmic Play Space. The wide array of colorful planets and PlayMounds encourages free play and imagination, and leads kids to start thinking beyond what they see in everyday life. When you install this play space, you’re on a mission to have fun.

  • 40’ x 26’
  • Five planet PlayMounds.
  • 1-10 numbered colorful star Funserts.

Play Space: Adventure Island

play space adventure island

Adventure awaits with this exciting, island-themed Play Space! Kids can learn about ocean life, learn to count as they jump from life preserver to life preserver, or even roleplay as pirates on this interactive surface with rolling wave mounds. Golden beaches on either side of the blue “water” make great safe zones in various games.

  • 40’ x 30’
  • Island PlayMounds with palm tree and slide.
  • Three wave PlayMounds.
  • 1-10 numbered bubble graphics.
  • Aquatic animal Funserts.

Chart a new course with Play Paths.

Play Path: Cosmic Voyage

play path cosmic voyage

Explore the Milky Way and beyond with this cosmic-themed trike path and Play Space. Children learn navigation and exercise as they ride around the trike path that encircles the red, gold, and orange planets. Install this trike path and your play time will be prepared for liftoff with plenty of creative ways to exercise the mind and body.

  • 40’ x 26’
  • Five planet PlayMounds.
  • 1-10 numbered colorful star Funserts.
  • White Milky Way trike path.

Play Path: Lily Lane

play path lily lane

This nature-themed Play Space appears to be a serene pond at first, but can be a stepping stone to exciting, transformative play that allows children of any age to explore and learn about nature. A trike path around the “pond” makes for an exciting way for kids to exercise, while expanding their spatial awareness.

  • 40’ x 30’
  • Slide and tunnel PlayMounds.
  • 1-10 numbered lily pad Funserts.
  • Green trike path with boat dock.

Get your head in the game with Play Fields.

With a flexible system of built-in lines that accommodate a variety of exciting games, kids get to learn organization, teamwork, and friendly competition on a safe and durable surface.

Play Field: Fun-n-Games

play field fun n games
  • 60’ x 30’
  • Versatile boundary lines.
  • Foursquare, relay ladder, and tic-tac-toe built right into the turf.
  • Target practice and hopscotch Funserts.

Play Field: All-Purpose

play field all purpose
  • 60’ x 30’
  • Versatile boundary lines.

Play Field: The Diamond

play field the diamond
  • 60’ x 60’
  • Great for kickball, wiffle ball, and more.
  • Bases are built right into the turf.

Play Field: Obstacle Course

  • 45’ x 14’8”
  • Looping obstacle path encourages structured play.
  • Hopscotch, alphabet squares and boundary lines built into play surface.
  • Berm, Tunnel, and Balance Beam PlayMounds™ create dimensional obstacles.

Funscapes are purposeful, pre-designed play spaces that can be easily incorporated into any playground plans.

  • Professionally-designed play spaces can be incorporated into an exciting play area or facility plan.
  • Engaging designs encourage kids to keep moving, playing, and learning.
  • Vibrant, colorful play surfaces attract a child’s attention and enhance their play experience.
  • Durable Playground Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn® is engineered to remain bright and full of color.
  • Our synthetic turf is ADA-compliant and preferred by many playground designers and planners.
  • Playground Grass offers a clean and easy-to-maintain surface.
  • Playground Grass synthetic turf is ideal for kids of all ages.

Create a dreamy oasis for imagination with Funscapes

Let’s talk about the details of your project and figure out how we can make your space come to life with Funscapes.