Enliven Your Play Space with

Fuzzy Friends

Fuzzy Friends are an immersive, inclusive new feature from Playground Grass. These sensory characters are designed specifically for preschools and early childhood development centers to encourage imaginative play as children interact with colorful, tactile mounds.

Meet the Fuzzy Friends!


Cheery is known for his encouraging and supportive nature.

Meet Cheery


Happy is known for his positive, can-do attitude.

Meet Happy


Joy is known for her uplifting spirit that makes people smile.

Meet Joy


Sunny makes every moment a little bit brighter.

Meet Sunny

Engage the Senses for a Richer Play Experience


Children engage in tactile processing when they reach out and touch the fuzzy, synthetic grass-covered mounds. Fuzzy Friends give kids access to the soothing feel of natural grass.


Children can receive and process "Thoughts of the Day" from the Fuzzy Friends and work to apply them to their own lives. Teachers can take this a step further by covering social situations to teach kids healthy behaviors.


When kids see Fuzzy Friends on the playground, they can't help but gravitate towards the colorful, appealing mounds featuring endearing faces. Exposure to different colors, textures, and dimensions further enriches the playing and learning experience.

Perfect for Daycares and Early Childhood Development Centers

Our four sensory characters each represent a different disposition/personality trait and are designed to help students better understand their emotions. When a group of students sees a Fuzzy Friend on the playground, an encouraging "Thought of the Day" will be just a scan away.

How It Works

Explore below the steps you can take to incorporate Fuzzy Friends in your children's play while on the playground.


A teacher scans the QR code located near the Fuzzy Friend.



The kids listen to audio (the “Thought of the Day”) from the Fuzzy Friends character.



The teacher can explain and discuss the thought with the class.



Supervisors can share a social story from the Fuzzy Friend’s page that demonstrates the sentiment in action.



Kids get to embrace the personality of the Fuzzy Friend and enjoy playtime together.


All four fuzzy friends in a line

Discover the Possibilities with

Fuzzy Friends

Interested in how you can take your playground design and learning opportunities to the next level with Fuzzy Friends? Contact us today for more information, or get in touch with a local ForeverLawn dealer to get started on your playground project.

Fuzzy Friends