Can kids rip out artificial grass?

While we can’t answer for every brand of turf out there, Playground Grass by ForeverLawn is designed for long-lasting durability and safe play, which means that kids cannot rip out the blades of our synthetic grass.

Premium Backing with Unmatched Benefits

ForeverLawn’s exclusive high-performance, premium backing provides unmatched benefits. It increases stability and protects the blades from the top and the bottom, making it virtually impossible to pull them away from the backing. Blades are tufted into a dual-layer woven material and then coated with polyurethane for stability.

A second layer of frothed urethane fully encapsulates every stitch and blade, providing protection, enhancing realism, and improving overall product stability.

The third layer is crafted from recycled water bottles, a geotextile nonwoven laminate safeguards against the elements and supports our micromechanical seaming system.

ForeverLawn’s premium backing ensures unbeatable stability, blade protection, realism, and longevity, making it the superior choice for durability and performance over time.

Proven Installation Process

The durability of Playground Grass is owed both to the quality of the product itself and to our proven installation process. Our installations are backed by the rigorous IPEMA certification process, which confirms that we meet the ASTM F1292 standard.

Have Questions?

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