Does artificial grass get hot?

Yes, many types of artificial grass get hot in the sun. But the reality is that all playground surfaces get hot in direct sunlight. The good thing about synthetic grass is that the heat dissipates quickly. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that not all artificial grass products are designed the same, which is why brand selection is critical to your satisfaction.

Playground Grass by ForeverLawn is designed specifically for safe play on playgrounds. Our products are engineered with blade color options to reduce high temperatures in direct sunlight.

TºCool® Cooling Infill

If you are located in an area with a high-heat climate, we recommend the use of a cooling infill to mitigate high surface temperatures. TºCool® is specifically designed to reduce heat on turf materials using evaporative cooling. Laboratory tests of turf with TºCool vs. a control turf without TºCool show that:

  • Synthetic turf surfaces utilizing TºCool are 33-42 degrees cooler than the synthetic turf (control) without TºCool.
  • This lowers synthetic turf temperatures from over 160 degrees to below 120 degrees.

Additionally, other playground features such as shade structures and sprinkler systems can be added to reduce surface temperatures.

Specific Heat Capacity

Each playground surfacing material reacts to sun and heat in different ways. The Specific Heat Capacity of a substance or material is fundamental in understanding how it reacts to sunlight and heat. Specific heat is the heat required to raise a material’s temperature by one unit of measurement. It is calculated utilizing the mass of the substance and the temperature change. Essentially, a HIGHER specific heat capacity indicates that MORE heat is required to change the temperature of the substance.

Playground Grass specific heat capacity by surface type

As shown in the chart above, ForeverLawn Playground Grass, which is made from polyethylene, offers the highest specific heat capacity for the best protection against thermal burns.

To learn more about how Playground Grass contributes to thermal safety on the playground, download our free white paper, Addressing Thermal Risks of Playground Surfacing Solutions.

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