Does it hurt to fall on artificial grass?

When it comes to falling on artificial grass, the experience can vary significantly depending on the quality of the synthetic grass and the underlying safety system. Some brands and types may not be designed or tested for fall safety, and falling on them can indeed be painful and even dangerous. This is why choosing the right artificial grass solution for areas with a high risk of falls is crucial.

Playground Grass™, on the other hand, is specifically engineered and rigorously tested for use on safe playgrounds. We understand the importance of providing a surface that minimizes the risks associated with falls, especially in play areas where children are active. We recognized this when we developed the first safety system combined with our high-performance synthetic turf. In fact, this experience led us to develop our very own safety systems that reach a 15’ critical fall height. Playground Grass is the only company that manufactures the entire safety system to ensure reliable performance over time.

Fall Height Protection Certifications

Playground Grass meets and often exceeds the testing requirements established by industry standards. Verified through IPEMA-certified testing performed by TÜV SÜD America, Inc., Playground Grass complies with the ASTM 1292 fall specifications standards, ensuring that it provides an optimal level of impact absorption to protect against injuries. We also monitor and meet all the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards and recommendations for playground surfaces. Testing certificates are available upon request.

Furthermore, we adhere to the ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications, ensuring that the play surface is inclusive and making the playground more accessible to everyone.

For more detailed information about the safety features of Playground Grass, please refer to our dedicated safety page.

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