How do you clean spills off of artificial grass?

Foreign Substances and Spills

If a spill occurs, clean up quickly with water, mild detergent, and a stiff-bristled nylon brush (if needed). Semi-permanent items such as paint can be removed, but may require more effort. Use of harsh or damaging cleaning chemicals, solutions, or solvents may limit the liability claim. However if you need to immediately address a petroleum based spill or graffiti, divide the area into sections so that you can methodically work one section at a time. Lightly saturate a coarse rag with mineral spirits and blot the first section gently wiping and removing residue. Change rags frequently to reduce smearing and reapply as needed continuing to work one section at a time. Finally, wash the area using any basic carpet cleaner solution and hot water – then rinse thoroughly.

Pet Waste

Pet urine or feces should be cleaned up promptly to maintain grass cleanliness and attractiveness. If your space consistently faces pet or animal waste, regular cleaning should be performed to keep the grass free from residue.

Further information regarding cleaning materials is available upon request.

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