What is the most affordable surface for a playground?

When considering the affordability of playground surfaces and in search of the most budget-friendly option, you can’t just look at up-front cost alone. It’s important to consider the longevity of the surfacing material and the ongoing costs that are incurred.

Although woodchips and sand may technically be the cheapest materials up front, they are not necessarily the most affordable solutions in the long term. Why? Materials like sand and wood chips must be frequently replenished to maintain safe fall-height standards, adding significant re-installation and maintenance costs.

Playground Grass is the most affordable surfacing solution for playgrounds in the long term, as it’s guaranteed to meet (and exceed!) ASTM 1292 standards for eight years at eight feet. Our critical fall height testing shows that Playground Grass actually supports falls up to 15 feet. Additionally, our product comes with an industry-leading 15-year warranty. We install it once and you can rely on its performance for years to come.

Other Cost/Value Considerations

Schools and parks have seen a profound effect on how the community uses playgrounds outside of the school day. Where other surfaces may have become eyesores, residents in areas where Playground Grass has been installed see hard evidence that their tax dollars are being spent to benefit the entire community. Additionally, park superintendents say that community parks and school playgrounds with Playground Grass have such an increased aesthetic appeal that they are fueling both new and existing home sales, as families are attracted to neighborhoods with these benefits for their children.

Download this white paper to compare an array of commonly installed playground surfaces and find out which provides the best value.

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