Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

About this project:

The Peppa Pig Theme Park, a standalone park that joins Legoland Florida Resort, was completed in 2021. Featured prominently across the park is Playground Grass Extreme and K9Grass Lite, as installed by ForeverLawn Central Florida. The theme park and associated turf elements are unique in several ways. Existing as the first theme park in Florida directly planned, designed, and constructed for preschoolers, the park emphasizes and employs accessibility as a defining characteristic.

Completed by:

ForeverLawn Central Florida


Winter Haven, Florida

Project type:

Theme Park Playground

Designated as a Certified Autism Center (CAC) by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), employees undergo comprehensive training in autism sensitivity to provide the most accessible, welcoming environment possible. The park is also wheelchair accessible, and provides patrons with a sensory guide, rating potential experiences for each attraction based on the five senses, better serving children with diverse needs.

Aside from a surfaced seating space containing inset PlayMounds for added elevation, the primary turf components of the park are vertical barriers that simulate hedges and, in some areas, form a maze for children to explore. Created through a partnership with Chosen Products, these surfaces play an integral role in the sensory experiences children can have throughout the park by providing elements they can interact with while waiting or walking about. The successful integration of these turf features has created an opening for further collaboration between ForeverLawn and Legoland Florida Resort. This diverse application of synthetic turf showcases how ForeverLawn consistently combines creative practices, superior products, and significant attentiveness to customer needs to create spaces with function and appeal that foster amusement, community, and satisfaction. ForeverLawn Central Florida took an innovative approach to crafting safer and smarter surfacing options in an accessible, enjoyable space for children and parents alike.