Playground Grass Synthetic Turf vs. Rubber Mulch

When it comes to playground surfacing, there’s only one solution that checks off all the boxes– and it’s not rubber mulch! Playground Grass synthetic turf outperforms other turf, mulch, and rubber flooring in every way.

Playground GrassRubber Mulch
ADA Compliant?YesYes
Prone to Fading?NoYes
Releases VOCs?NoYes
Needs Replenished?NoYes
Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch just doesn’t cut it for playground surfacing.

Collects in kids’ shoes.
Wears away under swings.
Pieces can be eaten.
Poses a tripping hazard.
Needs to be replenished regularly.
Releases harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) when hot.

Parents, teachers, and superintendents prefer Playground Grass synthetic turf over rubber mulch.

No mud, dirt, or residue left on clothing.
No small pieces to play with and choke on.
Looks and feels like lush natural grass.
Stimulates development and creativity.

"With mulch we had constant splinters, and with other surfaces, constant burns and scrapes. We just don’t have that anymore."

—Park District Superintendent

"We’ve had kids fall off, land on the turf, and be great. The safety of our new turf has had the most prominent impact."

—Park District Superintendent

Playground Grass promotes accessibility and fun for all children.

Playground Grass synthetic turf and rubber mulch are both considered ADA compliant surfacing materials. However, rubber mulch is considerably more difficult to navigate with a wheelchair than Playground Grass. And having fun just shouldn’t be difficult!

15′ Critical Fall Height

Playground Grass synthetic turf meets the 15-foot critical fall height. When you choose Playground Grass, you choose a surfacing solution that exceeds expectations, not just meets them.

8 x 8 Safety Surface Warranty

Playground Grass synthetic turf is guaranteed to meet ASTM 1292 standards for 8 years at 8 feet. This means that there’s no regular replenishing needed to keep the surface safe—unlike rubber mulch that must be maintained at a certain thickness to remain effective.

Kid swinging
Lake YMCA Playground Grass project

Create endless adventures with Playground Grass.

Both Playground Grass synthetic turf and rubber mulch are available in a variety of colors, but Playground Grass empowers you to get creative and take your designs to the next level. There are so many ways to create a unique oasis of fun for kids:

Invite kids into innovative new worlds of play with Funscapes.

Playground Grass synthetic turf is more than just a surfacing material, it’s a comprehensive solution. With Funscapes, PlayMounds, Funserts, and different types of turf are combined to create fun, creative, and engaging play areas.

Spark their imagination with revolutionary PlayMounds!

PlayMounds are a line of prefabricated foam mounds that add contour and creativity to the playground landscape. With a protective layer of construction-grade expanded polypropylene (EPP), PlayMounds provide durable, long-lasting surface innovations.

Schedule a no-cost Playground Grass consultation—and take your playground to the next level.

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