Addressing Thermal Risks of Playground Surfacing Solutions

Exploring the numerous advantages to using synthetic turf to help mitigate thermal heat risks on playgrounds.

Many factors impact the safety and playability of play spaces, including thermal heat risks. Direct sunlight and high temperatures can present significant risks by heating playground surfaces and equipment to dangerous levels.

Cases exist in which municipalities using Poured-In-Place(PIP) surfacing options have been sued as a result of children being severely burned on their play areas.
Playground equipment also presents a burn hazard as it is typically hotter than the safety surfaces utilized and often indirect contact with a user’s skin.

Thermal Safety White Paper cover

Additional heat/burn hazards can present themselves if climate and environment are not adequately considered during the design process for a playground.

This whitepaper addresses the risks of thermal burns from high temperatures on playgrounds and how synthetic turf offers numerous advantages and minimal disadvantages in mitigating thermal safety risks.

This paper also presents the four Playground Safety Pillars as defined by the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) and how they are integrated into the manufacture, sale, and installation of ForeverLawn Playground Grass products.

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